Additions to Our Product Offerings:

  1. AZEK Decking: New Enriched Colors
  2. TimberTech Decking: New Tropical Collection
  3. AZEK/TimberTech Impressions Aluminum Rail
  4. Fortress Vertical Cable Rail System
  5. Cortex Collated Plugs for Trimboards
  6. ScreenEZE Accessories: Corner Plinths and Flatbar
Azek Deck

AZEK Decking: New Enriched Colors

AZEK Mountain Redwood Decking

AZEK Mountain Redwood Decking

Decking Benefits & Features:

  • Alloy Armour Technology™ (AAT) is a proprietary alloy blend that provides improved characteristics, such as outstanding weathering protection, UV protection, resistance to scratching and the ability to hold color over time.
  • Improved embossing patterns.
  • The Harvest Collection® offers a variety of easily complemented shades to match the most popular exterior colors, giving you a beautiful and balanced addition to your home that lasts.
  • The Arbor Collection® resembles the simplicity of exotic wood with a wide range of warm, earthy tones. The unique color variations within each board are designed to emulate the natural streaking of tropical hardwoods.
  • 30-year fade and stain warranty.
  • Hidden fastening options available with CONCEALoc and CORTEX fasteners
  • Board dimensions and profiles: 1" x 5 ½". Grooved Profiles and Square Shouldered Profiles.
  • New Enriched Colors:

Harvest Collection®

Harvest Collection: Island Oak

Island Oak™

Harvest Collection: Kona

New! Kona®

Harvest Collection: Autumn Chestnut

Autumn Chestnut™

Arbor Collection®

Arbor Collection: Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Walnut

Arbor COllection: Mountain Redwood

Mountain Redwood™

Arbor COllection: Morado

New! Morado®

Arbor Collection: Acacia

New: Acacia®

ROCCO's Complete AZEK Deck Stock Program:

DECK PRODUCTS Square Shouldered Lengths Grooved Lengths Fascia
1/2" x 11-3/4"
All Deck Boards: 1" X 5-1/2" 12' 16' 20' 12' 16' 20' 12'
Harvest Collection® (New Kona®) * * *       *
Harvest Collection® (Brownstone & Slate Gray) * * * * * * *
Harvest Collection® (Island Oak™ & Autumn Chestnut™)   * * * * * *
Arbor Collection® (Silver Oak®, Hazelwood®, New Acacia®, New Morado®, Brazilian Walnut™, Mountain Redwood™)   * * * * * *
Vintage Collection® (Dark Hickory, Cypress, Mahogany)   * * * * * *


TimberTech Decking: New Tropical Colors

TimberTech Tropical Antigua Gold Deck with Contemporary Rail Cable

Deck Benefits & Features:

  • TimberTech's New Tropical Collection offers new textures and finishes inspired by beautiful reclaimed wood as well as an improved color offering.
  • Full contact embossing – just like Terrain and Legacy – creates multi-layer surface with the embossed texture of real wood.
  • The capped composite decking offers the charm of traditional wood without the hassle of frequent maintenance.
  • The 4 sided protective cap resists rot, insects, mold, mildew, fade and stain.
  • 25-year fade and stain warranty.
  • Hidden fastening options available with CONCEALoc and CORTEX fasteners. Color-matched screws when installed with TOPLoc Face fasteners
  • New colors:

Antigua Gold

Antigua Gold™

Antique Palm

Antique Palm™

Caribbean Redwood

Caribbean Redwood®

Amazon Mist

Amazon Mist™

  • ROCCO's Complete TimberTech Deck Stock Program:
DECK PRODUCTS Square Shouldered
1/2" x 1- 3/4"
1/2" x 7-1/4"
All Deck Boards: .94" X 5.36" 12' 16' 20' 12' 16' 20' 12' 12'
Terrain Collection n/a * * * * * * *
Tropical Collection n/a * * * * * * *
Legacy Collection n/a * * * * * * *
Azek Deck

Impression Rail™ System

Impression Aluminum Railing

Impression Aluminum Railing

Aluminum Railing Benefits & Features:

  • Low maintenance aluminum railing system that provides unobstructed views with quick and easy installation.
  • One of the many great characteristics of Impression Rail™ is the ability to use between posts of other AZEK or TimberTech railing products or integrate with AZEK or Timbertech Composite Top Rails & Post Sleeves.
  • High Performance Powder Coating that complies with AAMA 2604.
  • Impression Rail test to be compliant with IRC building code, following AC273, which specifies the testing protocol for handrails and guards.
  • Resists Corrosion and Fading.
  • Secure, Strong, & Built for Safety.
  • 25-year limited warranty.
  • ROCCO stocks:

6', 8', & 10' Level Rail Sections for 36" Rail Height Installation
8' Stair Rail Sections for 36" Rail Height Installation
Posts, Caps & Bases and Accessories

Imprfession Top Rail

Top Rail

Impression Base


Post Connector

Post Connector


Fortress Railing Products

Fortress Vertical Cable Rail System

Vertical Cable Rail Features & Benefits:

  • First Vertical Cable Railing Panel in the Cable Railing Industry.
  • FortressShield Coated utilizing advanced automotive coating process to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cable and Components.
  • Works with Wood, Composite, Vinyl and Metal Posts
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Available in Black Sand only.
  • ROCCO stocks:

6' x 34", 8' x 34" Level Rail Sections
8' x 34" Stair Rail Sections


Fortress Cable Rail



Cortex Collated Plugs for AZEK PVC Trim

Collated Plugs Features & Benefits:

  • The fastest, easiest way to install Cortex Plugs.
  • Delivers a clean fastener-free look without the need to predrill.
  • With the TORX® ttap® Drive System, there is no fastener strip-out.
  • Can be easily removed.
  • Dual Lead Fastener Thread that installs 50% faster than traditional trim fasteners.
  • 20 plugs per collated strip with easy tear-away action.
  • Compliments AZEK's Traditional and Frontier trim boards.
  • ROCCO stocks:

250 Lineal Ft Coverage Boxes in both AZEK's Traditional & Frontier Styles


Cortex Collated Plugs


PCA Products

ScreenEZE Plinth Kits

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates mitering with only square cuts needed.
  • Single saw setup.
  • Made using UV Resistant Rigid ASA Injection molded for consistent fit.
  • Plinth kits are available for both Flush and corner mounted ScreenEZE
  • Plinth kits includes 4 corners and color coordinated #6 wood screws.
  • The Corner Mount kit allows for faster installation by allowing for wide cut tolerances and covering corner defects.
  • The Flush Mount kit gives a clear look by eliminating end gaps while leaving a consistent, finished look
  • ROCCO stocks:

Corner Mount & Flush Mount Kits in White, Sand, & Black (to match Bronze).

ScreenEZE Corner Mount Plinth Kit

Corner Mount Plinth Kit

ScreenEZE Flush Mount Plinth Kit

Flush Mount Plinth Kit